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Party Down

I know the night is silent I'll be insane
Got to find a new place where I can hide from the rain
I'll wait for the weekend to get wasted and then
Gonna get on up so I can fall down again
Party down
This world is crazy, everybody party down
You bring the bottle baby I'll bring the glass
I'll be the animal,you can be the class
I know that memory that can shed us some light
This kind of magic keeps me flyin' all night
Party down
This world is crazy, let's all party down
I'm just tryin' to feel better
I just wanna feel better
Don't waste your life away
Eeverybody party down
Gonna shimmer my shoes on down to the red dog saloon
Just waitin' for the sunset to give way to the moon
Been sleepin' all day so I can party all night
Hallucinating at the northern lights
Party down
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