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Be Your Dog

?Let me be your dog?
If you tell me what to do
I could do it quite well
Give detailed desires, I?d be tryin? like hell
You could leave a little clue
I would follow it through
You got to say somethin?
If there?s anything you want me to do
Let me be the slave you can faithfully flog
Let me be your dog
I got no way a?knowin? what show is in town
I could be your pacifier
I could be your favorite hound
Just gimme some proof, I?ll deliver in style
On a hot tin roof, I?ll be burnin? the tiles
Let me be the friend of a friend
Of a stepmother?s brother
Of the slave you can faithfully flog
Let me be your dog
Roll me right over, I?ll crawl and I?ll beg
Casanova rover, bitin? your leg
?Cos what goes around, comes around
Simple as that
You?d be doin? yourself a favor
Cuttin? the crap
Let me be your cross-breed, off the lead
Chasin? my tail
I could make you feel better
Like a cheque in the mail
Like a poll-position for the closin? down sale
Like a hog in a synagogue
Let me be your dog
Call me Rover
Let me be your dog
C?mon baby, I?ll be good
Like I know I could
Let me be your dog
Hey baby, please baby
Let me be your dog
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