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Those Shakes

Blind in my one good eye
My mind just won?t reply
Somethin? from way down south
Kinda formin? a dust in my mouth
Lookin? for a place to hide
Lookin? for a space to die
Rattlin? like an old tin can
I?m cruisin? like a laundry van
hot ?n? cold fever down to my knees
Wearin? out all of my rosary beads
Can?t shake those shakes
Can? t shake those shakes no more
Can?t shake those shakes
Feels like I?m dyin? when I?m already dead
Date with my medicine man
He got the remedies I understand
Gotta find the price to pay
Gonna send me on my way
Gotta desperate need, gotta feed the fire
I got a chemical love and a burned out desire
Can?t shake those shakes
Can?t shake those shakes no more
Can?t shake those shakes, eels like i?m dyin?
When I?m already dead, I?m dead.
Don?t care for sentiment, don?t even pay my rent
Got enough bad habits to blame
Got enough of them to keep me sane
Losin? altitude in this neighborhood
Can?t break the fall, though iI know that I should
Can?t shake those shakes
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