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Here she come, right on time
Tenement mixer, givin? the hard line
Hammerin? down walls of steel
Permanent fixer, it?s a bad sign
She?s runnin? right over you
Ain?t no way to control her...steamroller
Can?t figure you out, she?s big trouble
Soul-contractor, makin? your pain pay double
Don?t wanna know, ?bout no last chance
Outa time, now you?re last year?s model
She?s crawlin? all over you
Still you try to console her......steamroller
She?s rollin? all over you
Try survivin? below her
She?s rollin? all over you
Like a head-kickin?, ass-whippin?
Steamin?-demon fast bowler......steamroller
Here she come, there you go
Boa-constrictor, takin? it real slow
Price of fame, down to zero
She?s a run-away train, puttin? on a real show
She?s comin? back over you
Like a Bay City roller......steamroller



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