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Born - 14th October 1946, Dunfermline, Scotland.
Joined Nazareth - Many Moons ago,When Christ was a Corporal.
Previous Bands - The Shadettes
Favorite Naz song or Memory - When the Lights come down' is a one of my favorites at the moment , i'll never forget heading down to Bristol for a show and hearing 'Broken Down Angel' on the Radio for the first time,it had just gone into the charts.That was a great feeling.
Favorite Singer - Otis Redding,the best ever.
Favorite food - Steak pie and Potatoes.
Favorite Drink - Cognac
Best thing about being in Nazareth - Making a Living from something I enjoy doing.
Song You Wished You Had Written - Love Hurts.
Which City is the Rock 'n 'Roll Capital of the world - Apart from Dunfermline you'd have to say Detroit.
Nazareth will keep on Rocking Because - we love it so.

Dan McCafferty — вокал

День рождения — 14 октября 1946 года. Родился Дэн в шотландском городе Данфермлайн.
До Nazareth — Дэн участвовал в полулюбительской группе The Shadettes, организованной им, Питом Эгнью и Дарреллом Суитом.
Любимая песня в Nazareth — Одна из моих любимых песен на данный момент When The Lights Come Down.
Любимый певец — Otis Redding





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