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Born - September 14th 1946,Dunfermline,Scotland.
Joined Nazareth - I started the band back in 1961,at that time we were called the Shadettes, but we changed the name to Nazareth in 1968.
Previous Bands - Before the Shadettes a Skiffle band called the Spitfires.
Favorite Nazareth Song - 'When the Lights come down, Back to the Trenches and Miss Misery.
Favorite Bass Guitarist - I never really sit down and listen to any.
Favorite Food - My Wifes incredible Lentil, Vegetable and Bacon broth.
Favorite Drink - Haven't found one yet, so I will have to keep on Tasting.
Best Thing About Being in Nazareth - Other than Musical Aspects its seeing the world while we're out on tour.
Song You Wished You Had Written - 'White Christmas'
Which City is the Rock 'n 'Roll Capital of the world - As any one in a band will tell you its the gig you did last night.
Nazareth will keep on Rocking Because - It's far to late in our career to consider taking up Bricklaying, or getting a real job.

Pete Agnew — бас-гитара.

День рождения — 14 сентября 1946 года. Пит родился в шотландском городе Данфермлайн.
До Nazareth — Пит участвовал в полулюбительской группе The Shadettes, вместе с Дэном Маккаферти и Дарреллом Суитом, а ещё раньше в группе Skiffle.
Любимая песня в Nazareth — When The Lights Come Down, Back To The Trenches, Miss Misery.
Любимый бас-гитарист — Вообще я ни кого не сажусь слушать.

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