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"Last Concert In Japan" live track © 1975
This baggage handcuffed to my wrists
I drag it everywhere i go
Sometimes i fight you with my fists
But if i knew which way was home
Before the karma cut me loose
Would bring me whisky and my water
Sometimes i get the blues
Though i know i shouldnt oughta
Thats where i`d go
Run down ghost trail, no chance of love
No sign of life, just wild dogs howlin in the night
Oh thats what i like
Before the karma cut me free
I'm sick of my own company
Sometimes i miss the boat
Most times i miss my home
Thats where i`d go
If i new which way was home
Run down ghost trail, no chance of love
No sign of life
Just wild dogs howlin' in the night
Hear `em howl
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