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Streets On Fire
Standin' in the night, I don't know just somewhere
And I'm feeling cold inside about what I see
Give 'em all guns, there's nothin' left– for losers
Time is running out so secretly
This ain't no paradise
The nightmare's on it's way
Insanity appears– in their eyes
Streets on fire– ready or not
Will the goodtimes return– no way!
Streets on fire– ready or not
Will we ever learn– no way!
Echoing sounds of thunder make me shiver
Battlefields turn to wasteland– no one wins
The ghost of terror creeping, through the cities
And someone says it's a holy war
This ain't no paradise...
Streets on fire– ready or not...
Humans will always fight
The same shit everywhere
East or west, the same desires
Will always haunt the earth
Streets on fire– ready or not...
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