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Raise The Crown
So tonight is something
Something you can take
Leave behind your sorrows
Give yourself a break
It's up to you – you're getting
Pleasure outta strife
You're gonna be somebody
So get yourself alive
So now it's one for all
And all for one
We run on overload
So hold on tight
There's a whole lotta runnin' – when we own this town
And a whole lotta shoutin' – when we raise the crown
There's a whole lotta runnin' – be it day or night
So beware of the power – when it burns your eyes
We are the one and only
The only are insane
Mentalised and tuned in
Never be the same
Paralytic decompression
Needles in the bones
It's the one obsession
Going on and on
Another crazy town – a crazy life
We bleed our souls for you – run the rivers dry
We quake the houses down – be it dark or light
We sacrifice the day – electrify the night
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