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The Key
(Bonustrack Japan)
Sometimes I have this scary dream
In my head
Apocalyptic scenes
It makes my instincts mad
Surrounded by machinery
The warheads never ever rest
It's an untrustful century
So open up
You hold the key in your hand
Unlock the door to the future
You hold the key in your hand
The end of all the torture
And all the time I wake and scream
Where's a lead
Assassinated hopes
They make my body bleed
We're running out of energy
How did we generate this mess
Made ourselves the enemy
So open up
Nobody's there to help – we're just
On our own
The epidemics rage
We rally to the call
We're the leaders of our destiny
It's the only other chance we've got
Why are we unable mentally
To open up
You hold the key in your hand
Never say no one told ya
You hold the key in your hand
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