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Raiders Of Beyond
Raiders gonna open up the stargate
The planetary call is here to stay
Galactic energy's in all directions
A ticket for a ride on a time machine
Now the gate is open solar wide
Million kingdoms are inside
Raiders of beyond – energise
Raiders of beyond – speed of light
Raiders of beyond – blinding white
Raiders of beyond – blaze eternity
Systematical declining forces
'n' gravity has lost 'n' gone for good
Hypersonic engines scream for mercy
The elements will bear and take the load

3. Shout It Out
Why are you so frightened – we're getting in the mood
Body breaking volume – we are loud and rude
Laser piercing lighting – megasonic sound
The first day of your lesson – upheaval in the ground
We're forging straight ahead now – it's not a dream
Never ever lose the power – we're as hard as steel
Don't you feel the fire – the burning in your soul
Just come and join the fantasy – it will make you free
So cut the crap out – it's for you
Feel so damn proud – of this rocking crew
We'll break the world down – tear up all the rules
Reality is clear now – the future is for you
So shout it out – just let it out
So shout it out – as loud as you can
So shout it out – just let it out
So shout it out – as loud as we all can
Now's the final showdown – it's time to be released
Our weapons are so deadly – we're armed up to the teeth
Electrostatic soundwaves – you cannot hide
Gonna execute our metal shock – straight between the eyes
Shout – shout – shout – shout
Shout – shout – shout – shout
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