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Hard To Be Honest
I played the game – I broke the rules
The truth is always cruel
It's not for me to win or lose
This one will be on you
Sometimes it's hard to be tough
And play this way so rough
I give it straight – you know why
I want it all – I'll take it all
I don't know why – don't wanna hide
Don't want forever lie
Now it's time for all of us
So let's break free
No matter what you say
You know it's hard to be honest
It's hard not to lie
You know it's hard to be honest
It's hard not to lie
All hail the truth and damn the lies
There's so much we can do
Now it's on you to deal the cards
The joker breaks the rules
So take a look at what you see
The mirror never lies
The time has come to say farewell
So leave it all behind you all
No matter how – you found it out
It's time to give the truth
I've seen it all – in black or white
The hardest thing to do


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