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Brand New Car (Jagger/Richards) I got a brand new car And I like to drive real hard I got a brand new car And I'm feeling good so far Take her on a highway for a little spin I want to see the kind of shape she's in And I got a brand new star Jack her up baby, go on, open the hood I want to check if her oil smells good Mmmm - smells like caviar Give her some stick Push her too far Right to the brink Hear the motor running Yeah, she's right in sync Tell me if she's thirsty Would she like a drink And I'm stopping at this bar Slinky like a panther You can hear her purr Touch her on the seat Go on, feel the fur And I got a brand new star Feel the juice Foot to the floor Take some abuse I got a brand new car And I drive her in the dark And I got a brand new car I think I'll stop and park
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