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The Kremlin

Party in the Kremlin
People seein' red
Lenin got the elbow
It's a different mob instead
Party in the Kremlin
It's the only place to be
You better wear your Rolex
Like a true new revolutionary
Party in the Kremlin
No more KGB
So what is it they do now?
Can anybody see?
Party in the Kremlin
It's the hottest spot in town
Discos and casinos
Never let you down
Trippin' in Siberia
Rock and roll hysteria
Vladivostok to Moscow
And all points in between
It's a new place
Got a new face
And a brand new dream
Party in the Kremlin
Suits from Tokyo
Guccis are a shinin'
Smokin' Marlboro
Party in the Kremlin
Drivin' foreign cars
You better find an angle
If you want to play a part
Dancing bears and presidents
Acting under influence
We got bank loans
And cell phones
And Levis to wear
They got us linin' up
For Mickey D's in Pushkin Square
Vsea govorjat dal
Party in the Kremlin
Party in the Kremlin
Party in the Kremlin
Party in the Kremlin



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